Emotional Skills Group

Rediscovering Me (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Group)

Spiritual Abuse Recovery

Emotional Skills Group / DBT

Life is often unpredictable and there are plenty of situations that are outside of your control. This group is about teaching you the skills to help manage what you can control… your response to what life throws your way. We will teach you skills to:

  • Grow in your self-awareness
  • Navigate social interactions in healthy ways to promote positive relationships
  • Proactively avoid impulsive emotional reactions and behaviors you regret later
  • Effectively tolerate distressing events when you cannot change your circumstances

Contact: or 314-802-6232
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Rediscovering Me (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Group)
Alicia Seidler and Krista Hsieh will lead this 8 week group this March. They both have experience helping clients understand the damaging cycle a narcissist brings to their relationships.

The group will combine education and support aimed at understanding narcissistic abuse paired with a story telling component. It’s a safe place to tell your story and be believed.

Thursday, March 28th – May 16th 9am – 10:30am
$400 total, paid upfront or in 2 installments
Located at Revision Group Room at 4171 Crescent Drive
All inquiries can email or call 314-802-6232 and reference “Rediscovering Me”
Intake is open now with final sign ups on March 8th
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Spiritual Abuse Recovery

This is an eight-week group therapy for men and women who have been hurt by a past church or religious experience. This group provides a venue for participants to tell their story and ultimately seeks to lay a foundation upon which grief, lament, and forgiveness can eventually be built.