Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop

Hold Me Tight®/Created for Connection Couples Workshop

“After so many years of marriage I didn’t think it was possible to be surprised, but this weekend proved otherwise. I saw a side of him that I never knew existed. I feel hopeful again – believing that as we explore these new things we’re learning about each other our marriage will be stronger and more satisfying for both of us.”

“Thank you all for the experience. Very professional and enlightening. Well done! No regrets and well worth the money.”

“Thank you for sacrificing the past 2 days in order to help us learn the tools needed to mend and restore our marriage. Thank you for making this time possible for us and the other couples. Words cannot express my gratitude.”

“I feel exhausted, but also very grateful for the encouragement & tools you gave us. Really – thank you.”

“This has been one of the best seminars that I have ever been to. Very informative. I really feel that my husband and I have made a move in a positive direction with our marriage. With the format and personal touch that each therapist has contributed has made a difference. I would rate the seminar from good and informative to fantastic and unique! I would definitely attend another Created for Connection seminar.”

“Thank you for making the last two days possible. The time my wife and I spent together was a great blessing and encouragement to our marriage. All of you did a great job.”


Andy Kerckhoff

“Andy has been a huge blessing to my life. I have faced so much childhood trauma, and he has walked by my side teaching me, giving me tools, and praying with me to get through the bipolar disorder that I face each day. Andy has been a phenomenal counselor and teacher when my thoughts were flawed. He has helped me with care and is not ashamed of being bold in correction with a loving hand along the way. He has helped me to change into the man that my family needs.” — male, 27

“Andy has been instrumental in my recovery from PTSD. He’s a good listener and cares a lot. He always remembers the little details of things we discussed on prior visits. He gave me effective tools that I still use to this day. I highly recommend Andy.” — male, 42

Alicia Seidler

“Alicia Seidler is an extraordinary therapist. She cares deeply about helping her clients with the trauma they have experienced. She works very hard to help others see that they are knowable, valuable, and can grow as individuals.

I felt alone and unloved. Alicia has helped me see that I am loved by God & that I am capable of having meaningful connections with others.” — female, 28

“Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama said, ‘When you think everything is someone else’s fault you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.’ The concept of a spiritual leader, a guru, a shaman or a mentor is ancient. I came to Alicia looking for help with extreme emotional distress. What I found was a spiritual guide to help me grow into the person I want to be, living the life I want to live. It seemed silly to me that I need know myself better to alleviate what I perceived as external pain. Or that I would need external help to explore the internal. What Alicia has taught me is our belief systems are built unconsciously and for the purpose of keeping us safe. Without external help it’s very difficult not to analyze your circumstances through the same belief systems that caused them, ending up in the same prison you started in. The kind of vulnerability it takes to tear down those belief systems and analyze your own behavior requires a safe non judgmental guide. It’s been a joy to find that guide. My time with Alicia has been the most enjoyable of my life. I’ve never felt so understood or hopeful as I have today. Eckhart Tolle said, ‘To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation and enlightenment.’ I’m confident that I’m on the path to finding that freedom, salvation and enlightenment and I’m confident I couldn’t have gotten there without Alicia’s help.” — male, 45